February 26, 2013

Airing Dirty Laundry

Ok, we all have laundry...dirty laundry.  I am here to air my dirty laundry.  I have a single story home so I definitely have an advantage over you two story home folks!  But, I will disclose how I do laundry and still manage to watch soap operas while eating bon bons.
This is the one I use

The first thing I do is start with a rolling three bin laundry sorter.  Whites, jeans, towels is usually how it goes.  I roll in to the two other rooms that have hampers in them and sort the clothes in each room.  Off to the laundry room I go.  Weeeeee!

Once I am in the laundry room I load the washer and take a few minutes to clean the floor and countertop.  There is nothing worse than dropping something on a dirty floor after you have cleaned it and let's face it the laundry room generates a lot of dust and stuff.
No this isn't my laundry room but I couldn't get a good picture of mine (too small)

Now, my strategy is simple:  Only go into a room with something to drop off or something to pick up.  So, I wait until I have my first load of laundry out of the dryer before I do anything else.  I watch the clock but, if I am really engrossed in doing something else, I use the alarm on the dryer to alert me when it's time to go at it again.  I rarely and I mean rarely let a load of clothes sit in the dryer.  I do this for two reasons.  First, I don't like to iron and second, it merely prolongs the agony of the laundry plight.  When the dryer is done I fold everything and then I put it away, in drawers or on hangers.  When I go into a room to deliver the clothes I strip the bed and put on clean sheets.  I make the bed too because if I need to set anything down I don't want to have to make room with my hands full. I only have three beds to make so I spread it out over each load so that I don't work up a sweat!  The last loads I do are the sheets.  It is really not too bad using this method because I am able to get a lot done at once and yet still have plenty of time to get on Facebook or write another Blog. I am not going through piles of wrinkled laundry or stuffing mountains of clothes into drawers at one time...you all know what I am talking about!


Then, before the day is through, the cycle starts again!  It is perpetual.  This the exciting life I lead but, at least I have it down to a science!

Now that I have posted this, I have decided it is time for my laundry room to get a makeover.  When we put in the stacking w/d a couple of years ago we took away some folding space I had on the dryer.  I did not think it would be important since I have a small slice of counter to fold clothes on...well, I was wrong.  This afternoon my husband was cleaning out a storage unit we are getting rid of and hidden behind some of my old business stuff was a wonderful piece of formica counter top that will fit perfectly over the washer and dryer, if we unstack them.  It is exactly the 33.5" width we need with lots of length to fit snugly in the space.  The reason it has to be 33 1/2 inches is because the dryer vent is the new style that is required to prevent lint fires.  I did not realize that either when we had these units installed.  Lessons learned.  So, the counter will go down and the cabinets back up over the w/d and I am gonna get nuts and paint it too.  Hmmm, what color??  More decisions to be made.  I'll post a picture when we are done!

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