February 5, 2013

Built-in bread boards

(I don't know who's kitchen this is but they have a built-in bread board)
I was thinking about something that is not commonly found in newer homes now.  A good, old fashioned  pull out bread board in the kitchen that used to be in every home.  They were not always positioned in the best locations in the kitchen (like the one I had that bordered the carpeted area in the dining room, across the kitchen from the stove and sink...must have been a non-cooker that placed that one) but one was always in there somewhere.

I guess because wood can harbor bacteria or the cost of these nifty gadgets was just too high to include in a new home, they went away.  Did people complain?  I didn't.  Did anyone think they would miss it someday? I didn't. When did kitchen designers decide it was acceptable to discard that handy little pull out piece of wood from the plans? I never noticed.  I was even glad in 2001 when my new kitchen did not include one of those pesky things.  It would have just been in the wrong place for whatever I was doing.  And, did anyone else break a nail when trying to pull the board out if it was a little tight or stuck?

To replace the missing built-in variety, I found Pampered Chef and purchased every size cutting board they sold.  I never thought about having to clear off space while I am cooking to put the board on the counter-top or the fact that I would have to store my massive collection of cutting boards somewhere for retrieval when needed. I probably put someone's child through college with my maniacal purchases of cutting boards.  It's funny, when I go into kitchen stores like William-Sonoma I still check out the cutting boards.

Should I post a sign to campaign for the return of the kitchen bread board on Facebook...you know the kind, I need 1 squillion likes and shares to assure the resurrection of the pull out bread board?  Let me know what you think.

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