July 2, 2013

Lost in space!

My intent when I started to blog was to give an inside look into the mind of a "creative" person.  I have learned something about myself that is keeping me from blogging.  I don't think the things I do require creativity or that anyone would find me particularly interesting.  You see, for me it isn't being creative;  It's just being me.

So, here is what I have been doing, besides cleaning!

I just finished an artist's rendering of a street sign for a nominee for Honorary Mayor of Fair Oaks, Steven Danford.  I hope he can pull this off because it would be a beautiful gateway into the old Fair Oaks Village.

I have framed and hung some retouched thrift store art I purchased many years ago (I left them unframed for about 15 years...not to quick in deciding what frames would enhance the pictures).  The floral picture had to have some of my color magic added because the flowers were a hideous pink color---very sad looking.  Now I have them hanging in my kitchen on each side of the pantry door with a couple of other items.  Really creates some balance and symmetry.  The pictures were the same size so the matching frames really helps to harmonize them.
This is one of the first thrift art paintings I purchased for $1.20.  The fruit bowl has paint check from too much paint but I love it!  This one would be hard for me to part with...but I might if I found something that appeals to me more for that spot.

This is such a perky little picture now with vibrant flowers.  It was dull and boring before--too bad I don't have before pictures but, it too was purchased many years ago for $.50.  I hope the artist doesn't mind the redo and I love the weight of the full blossoms in the undersized vessel.  I like to think it was intended to look like it is overflowing with heavy flowers.

Here is one of my recently reworked art pieces.  I don't remember how much I paid for it but it was from a thrift store.  It was done in 1977 by Mary Murphy, but alas, I had to cover her signature.  I wish I had thought to take a before picture!  Darn it!  Well, what I did was sand off some of the finish to knock the gloss down and enhance the blooms with more contrasting colors.  When it was nearly dry I removed some of the color.  This left areas where you can see layers of paint remaining.  Then I took some antique gel and slathered it on.  Waited about 5 minutes because it was about 105 degrees outside, then removed as much of the antique gel as I could.  Now, you would never know it was done in 1977!  Should I frame it?  I don't know...

We will be painting the master bedroom soon, now that I have decided on a color!  I have been living with patch marks all over the walls for more than a year so I am ready to git-r-dun!!  
This is the bedroom before...
Mid-project with all of the curtains down.  I don't think I am putting them back up.  Too hard to keep them clean enough for my allergies!  Not sure what to do about all of the windows in this room...hmmm.  
The color will be a little lighter but same tone in order to keep the shades.  Stay tuned!

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