July 2, 2013

The 90 percent rule

I often accuse my husband of completing projects up to the 90 percent mark and then he loses interest, momentum or something.  Well, the truth is I am just as vulnerable to the 90 percent rule as he is!  A case in point is my kitchen island.
Isn't this pretty?  It is probably about 70 percent done but hey, who's calculating!  The top two drawers and that side of the island is completely painted.  I still have to wax on the finish I want to create but have decided to wait until all of the painting is done before I start waxing.  I made my own chalk paint using gesso and paint.  It works really well but is a little rougher than I wanted.  Maybe less gesso next time.  Anywho, I keep telling myself if I do one door/drawer a day I will be done in a week.  I did work on it two weeks ago but I started the project about 2 1/2 months ago (maybe longer :).  I take my time with these things...ha!  I lose interest because it does not go as quickly as I want it to.  With this project, however, I must carry on and keep painting because it is in the center of my open kitchen :)  More updates to come...
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