January 7, 2014

Goal or Resolution?

I set a goal before the end of last year.  This is a goal, not to be confused with a resolution.  I wish I had made a resolution because I could just ignore it when it gets to hard.  I can't do that because I set a goal.  It matters, in my mind, to make that distinction.  My goal was to create a website for my business, which is now on life support due to economy/no building/no remodeling/no budget for a silly designer/everyone is a diy'er situation.  I love what I do and really want to put the energy in to doing business again and expand my horizons.  So, like all good business women and men, I set myself up for success, set that goal and am determined to get it completed before the end of January 2014.

I didn't get back to work until January 3rd, which does not seem like too much grass has grown under the proverbial goal but we are talking about a website---of which I know nothing about creating---have attempted before and failed---am worn out just thinking about getting started on.

For expediency, I am going to fast forward a few sleep deprived days and reveal that I do in fact have something online that represents a bonafide website.  It is not complete yet but I have hope.  Now, I am going to post a link to my site for your gazing pleasure but whatever you do don't look at the Blog link on the menu.  It will confuse you and make you think you are part of this evolutionary process.  You sadly, are not. It is the result of my inability to figure out how to link my old blog with my new blog.  Which is why I am not blogging on my website right now!


I have 23 days left to figure this out.  In the mean time, I will be working on a new project in Rancho Cordova, CA.  It's a kitchen remodel.  The cabinets and appliances are ordered so now it is on to the jewelry of the project (granite, tile, hardware).  Let the good times roll!

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